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about myself

My wee pipe biography

I started studying the bagpipes in when I got my very first one-on-one lesson in Dortmund.    

From the year 2013 on I regularly attend pipe workshops times a year where also Scottish pipers - which successfully play at the highest level - teach.
These pipers generally teach the most advanced classes.

Soon I progressed well and managed to attend those higher classes.

By attending these pipes workshops I made contact to a number of pipers in Scotland and also to the College of Piping in Glasgow where I nowadays get regular one-on-one lessons.

At a final concert at the end of a workshop run by the College of Piping in Homburg in 2016 I have been awarded with the "Most-Promising-Student" award.

In August 2014 I took part in my first solo competition which has been very successful as I made first place right away.

Since February 2015 I am member of a Dutch Grade 3b pipe band.
With this band I have been able to participate in both band competition and band performances.

Within the last years I acquired a lot of experiences in competition, performance and tuition.

I am pleased to give anybody and understanding of the Great Highland Bagpipe and pipe music.